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Solar Whirlygig

6 in 1 Solar Kit

The weather was sunny enough today to try out our nifty 6 in 1 Solar Kit. The kit is only $6 at and you can build several different solar toys using the kit. The kit needs a lot of tweaks to get it to work. A careful hand and an Exacto knife can trim all the plastic parts so they fit together. My favorite build is the little airplane that rotates around. Here’s a video so you can see it work. It was a windy day, so it’s fun to watch the little airplane fight the wind and win! This is a great kit for a parent and child to explore together. It’s not perfect, but a great toy for only $6 bucks.

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Playing with our Sifteo Cubes

Sifteo Cubes
Order Sifteo Cubes at: Sifteo Cubes Interactive Game System (3 Cubes)

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How to make stacking trays from used water bottles

HDPE plastic trays
I recycle our 5 gallon spring water bottles into small plastic trays. I use them for casting resin toys to catch drips and spills. My wife uses them to sprout seeds when gardening. You can see in the photo how the seed package can be slipped in between the two stacked trays so you know what you’ve sprouted. These trays are great for organizing drawers, holding pens, pencils, snacks, and food prep in the kitchen. HDPE #2 plastic is FDA approved for use with food. That’s why water, milk, and vitamins are in HDPE plastic. It’s high quality stuff, so you might as well reuse it somehow. Reduce the plastic going into land fills, make these simple trays and use them around the house, work space, and crafts area. Carefully use a pair of tin snips or sharp scissors to cut the trays from the empty water container, and see how many uses you can come up with for these nifty stacking trays.

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Solar Powered Podling Machine

Solar Powered Podling Machine


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The Haunted Laundry Shelf

Haunted Laundry Shelf

Spooky Dolls

The Bumblebee

Zombie Woof and Vintage Elves

Bone Baby

Madonna and Child

Doll Parts

The strange and creepy toys that have accumulated on the shelf over our washing machine.

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Insane Kaiju Battle

Insane Kaiju Battle


It’s Designer Vinyl VS Classic TOHO.

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Slithgarn leads the Gompers

Slithgarn leads the Gompers

Here they come!

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