Humpty Falls Glowforge Project

The JEMTOY Humpty Falls Glowforge Project is easy to paint and build. The main parts are separate so they are easy to paint. When it all goes together, the laser cut lines will make the edges look so clean and pro, you’ll be amazed that you did it yourself! Fun project to share with a kid because all kids love lasers! Here are the parts, steps, and settings of the SVG file:

Laser cut your parts. I design in color for Glowforge, but you can use any laser cutter that can read SVG files. Use 1/8″ thick plywood or draft board.

  1. Green = Score (set to Hi quality)
  2. Red = Cut
  3. Black = Cut

Download the SVG file for laser cutting on a Glowforge

You will need: 1/8″ thick draft board or plywood, access to a laser cutter, acrylic paint, paint pens, white glue, steel wire, and a set of pliers to bend and cut the wire. Helpful: a couple clamps or clothespins to hold Humpty together while glue dries. Project includes, 1 Brick Wall, 3.5 Loose Bricks, 2 “C” Things, 2 “I” Things, Humpty, Pants, Collar, 2 Eyes, 1 set of Teeth. These are the parts you must paint before you build the final project.

Glue the 2 “C”Things into the notches found on the bottom of the brick wall. These little “C” things hold the bottom out so it hangs straight and even when the final piece is hanging from a single push pin, nail, or hook. Without them, the piece hangs at an angle.

Once the “C” Things are glued and dry, paint the Brick Wall and one side of the loose bricks a deep red color. Paint both sides of the 2 “I” Things to match the bricks. Use an old toothbrush to spatter some black and white paint on the surface for that brick look. Get the black and white paint a little juicy by mixing a drop of water into the paint. It’s a bit unpredictable, so practice spattering on scrap paper before you spatter on your brick wall.

Download the SVG file for laser cutting on a Glowforge

There are two triangular grooves at the top of the Brick Wall to connect a hanging wire. Cut a 6 inch length of steel wire (anything from 16 – 22 gauge steel wire will work – a coat hanger wire would work too). Using pliers, bend the ends of the 6 inch wire gripping into the triangular grooves so there is a hanging wire on the back. (See photo above.) Paint the exposed ends of the wire on the front the same brick color so it blends in. (See below.)

Once the spatter paint is dry, paint the spaces between bricks white with brush or paint pen. Notice the painted wire end above. Here is how I painted all of Humpty’s separate parts. Notice how the two ends of the Little “I” Thing are painted white. That’s because they plug into Humpty’s tummy from the back and need to be the same color as him.

Now glue the Little “I” Thing on the back of Humpty. Glue his painted eyes and teeth in place. I slightly offset the eyes out and the teeth in for a little depth to his face. Let it all dry before moving on.

Download the SVG file for laser cutting on a Glowforge

You might need to paint the ends of the little “I” thing white so that it blends in with Humpty’s tummy.

Line up the pants and collar as best as you can and glue it all together. Use clothespins or clamps to hold it together while the glue dries. NOTE: Make sure the paint is dry before clamping! Duh!

If you plan to customize the wall with painted words like, Happy Birthday, or get political with, Vote 2020, or tag cool graffiti on the wall, do it now. Make sure you leave room for Humpty so he doesn’t cover your words. When the paint is dry, we will connect Humpty.

Glue the Big “I” Thing into the top two square holes in the Brick Wall. Drip some glue between the bottom 2 holes.

Download the SVG file for laser cutting on a Glowforge

Add glue to the top of the Big “I” Thing. Glue Humpty upside down to the Big “I” Thing. Glue and insert the Little “I” Thing on his back into the Brick Wall. Together the 2 “I” Things will hold Humpty hovering out in space.

OPTIONAL: Depending on how you customize the wall with text or graffiti, glue the little loose bricks anywhere on the wall so they look like they are falling with Humpty. The loose bricks can be used in clever ways, such as painting words, text, date, etc. Get creative!

Download the SVG file for laser cutting on a Glowforge