JEMTOY Calendar

JEMTOY Calendar

The JEMTOY Calendar will keep you in touch with reality. Never wonder what day it is again. Fun photos of toys to make you forget there’s a world, and then a grid with numbers to help you remember what day it is. Amazing. What will they think of next? Click here for a preview of… Read More

The Gumpy Show

the gumpy show

Gompers hit SoCal~ Show Obens Octoper 8  at GUNNZO San Diego CA

JEMTOY at FOE Gallery

JEMTOY at FOE Store & Gallery

I am very happy to say JEMTOY is at FOE Store & Gallery in Northampton Massachusettes. On the toy shelf you can find a Wishbone Gomper, a Tentacle Gomper, Slithgarn, and several G.E.A.C. Anti-Consumer Products. If you are in the Northampton area, please visit FOE and ask to see the JEMTOYs!

Gomper World Tees

Gomper Shop

Gomper Tee Shirts, Art Banners, Cards, Mugs, Stickers, Magnets, Caps, Messenger Bags, Paper Toys

Slithgarn and the Gompers


Slithgarn seek out human hosts and swallows them. Once a person is inside a Slithgarn they gain incredible psychic powers. These people become hosts in a strange symbiotic relationship with a Slithgarn. The host is transformed into an Oracle Prophet and their wisdom and favor is sought by Kings, Presidents and those seeking Power. Easily… Read More

Gomper Burger

Gomper Burger

A Gomper’s favorite food is hamburgers. After hamburgers it’s Podlings. After Podlings a Gomper will eat most anything, including Swamp Boggers. Yuk.

Window Gompers

Window Gompers

The clear plastic Gompers make great color accents on windows.