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How To Make Resin Toys: Rebound 25

Here are the how to videos from Smooth-On of their product Rebound 25 Brushable Silicone Rubber. I use Rebound 25 to make glove molds to cast simple tapered shapes, or “lumps” as I like to call them. The glove mold will easily roll off your casting if your original art is a simple tapered shape. In the video above they are making a more complex two part mold, but you can still see how to mix up Rebound 25 and how it looks to work with. There is a second half to this video for advanced casters. For now we will stick with making a Glove Mold using Rebound 25, and not a two part mold as in these videos.

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How To Make Resin Toys Video 1: Lump of Sculpey

Learning how to make resin toys is a very involved process so it is smart to start out with a simple shape that will mold and cast easily. Sculpey polymer clay is great to use because you can fire it in your home oven. Another benefit is that you do not need any release spray because silicone rubber does not stick to Sculpey. Your lump should have no extended shapes like X or Y shaped arms or legs. A simple lump with a face and a few details on the body will help you get through the process of making your first mold. Fire the finished lump in your oven, and when finished, hot glue it to the middle of a plastic food container lid. Put on some latex gloves to protect your hands. The brush on silicone rubber I use is Rebound 25 by Smooth-On.com. I spoon out equal amounts of Rebound 25, mix it up, and brush it on in thin layers allowing it to dry for an hour or more. After 4-5 layers allow mold to completely dry 6 hours before you cast resin. This is enough to get one started. I’ll make more videos of the next steps. Until then, get some Sculpey and Rebound 25 and a copy of my book, How To Make Resin Toys by J.E.Moores for detailed step by step illustrated instructions.

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How To Make Resin Toys

How To Make Resin Toys by J.E.Moores. This book is intended to provide an artist with the basics so you can get in there and successfully cast your very own resin toys fast and easy. Glove Molds, Putty Molds, and Block Molds are all discussed, as well as finishing, painting and packaging ideas to complete your resin toy. Check out the free preview. How To Make Resin Toys is available bound in soft or hardcover now in the JEMTOY bookstore.

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