How To Make Resin Toys

How To Make Resin Toys: Amazon Kindle – Order Printed Book  I have been an art teacher since 1984, so it comes naturally to me to share what I know with others. Whenever I am in the art studio making stuff, I enjoy photographing the process from start to finish. Way back I remember wanting to make toys… Read More

Pouring molds DIY

Hey man, I bought the e-book version of your book the other day and its great. I sculpted my first little figure this week and was gonna save up some money to buy some smooth on. I ended up searching for DIY mold making materials and came across oogoo. Have you tried making anything with… Read More

Big Hi! From Buenos Aires Argentina!

Hello Mr Jay Let me introduce myself My name is Matias Bovero AKA Matias Bomber, I began making toys since 2011, doing my first try and error. Then at fall 2011 release my first bigcartel store and then began the first sales. Last sunday I bought your book on pdf. Were very helpful for me,… Read More

Chongo Chat with JEMTOY

Congolio interviews J.E.Moores from JEMTOY. We talk about paper toys, resin toys, and art. Links mentioned in this video are: How To Make Resin Toys – – – – Seven Super Girls – check ’em out!

Thank You Mista Louis

Thanks Mista Louis

Thank you Mista Louis for including JEMTOY in your latest book, We Are Indie Toys!

We Are Indie Toys!

We Are Indie Toys!

I am excited to be part of Louis Bou’s latest book, We Are Indie Toys: Make Your Own Resin Characters. Making resin toys is a lot of fun, and this book has a behind the scenes look at several resin toy artists, including JEMTOY! Reviews: