Slithgarn and the Gompers


Slithgarn seek out human hosts and swallows them. Once a person is inside a Slithgarn they gain incredible psychic powers. These people become hosts in a strange symbiotic relationship with a Slithgarn. The host is transformed into an Oracle Prophet and their wisdom and favor is sought by Kings, Presidents and those seeking Power. Easily taking mind control over the Gompers, the Slithgarn marches on with his slimy army of always hungry consumers. Beware. Your town could be next.


The kind folk over at OpportunityLOL are giving away a one of a kind RAINBOW SLITHGARN that I made, just for them to give away to you. If you want this handmade resin toy, simply visit their site, follow the contest directions, and win yourself my latest toy creation. The only way it could get better is if Slithgarn tasted like gummy bears. He doesn’t.

UPDATE: This contest has closed, and Slithgarn has been won. I’m not sure who won because OppLOL conducted the contest. If YOU won this Slithgarn I beg of ye to take photos of this toy and email them to me at: jay @ OR if you are extra cool, submit the photos directly to by tumblr blog at:

THANKS! There was a huge turn out for this toy. Thank you to everyone that played along. Jay ~ Sign up for my secret email list thing to be notified of future contests and win free toys!