The Great Endangered American Consumer

G.E.A.C. Anti-Consumer Products

Pink Horse: “Why do we want things that are useless?”

Why do we want things that are useless?

G.E.A.C. Anti-Consumer Product

Pink Pig: “Gospel according to Kurt Vonnegut”


G.E.A.C. Anti-Consumer Product

White Sheep: “What’s for supper?”

What's for supper?

G.E.A.C. Anti-Consumer Product

Pink Horse: “May I have a free refill?”

May I have a free refill?

G.E.A.C. Anti-Consumer Product

Green Pig: “You can’t fire me because I quit.”

You can't fire me because I quit.

G.E.A.C. Anti-Consumer Product

Pink Sheep: “I demand a refund.”

I demand a refund.

Thank you for shopping G.E.A.C. the finest in Anti-Consumer Products brought to you by JEMTOY

Art intended for collectors age 15+

Kaijina in a Bottle

Kaijina in a Bottle

New for all you Kaiju In A Bottle lovers, it’s Kaijina the Bug Girl in sweet and sexy fluorescent colors! Packaged in a recycled vitamin bottle with a bunch of silly stuff printed right on the label. Kaijina is ready to do her best to save the planet, but how much can a three inch tall plastic bug girl do? At least she tries. These toys are a very limited run, I don’t have many bottles.

Little Lost JEM TOYs

If you have found a Little Lost JEM TOY click here.

I wanted to come up with a form of Public Art that wasn’t a crime or vandalism to anyone’s property. I wanted a device that would create its own story through interaction between complete strangers. I came up with the idea of Little Lost JEM TOYs. I created a bunch of plastic robot toys, and I leave them in interesting places for others to find. Printed on the back is this website address. People can contact me above after finding the Lost Toy. All I want is photos of the robot as he travels the planet. It’s fun to see how he gets on in his new home,  photos of his travels, his new friends. A lot can happen to a little lost toy all alone in the world. Each person adds to his story as a step in his journey. When you have reached the end together, and it is time to part ways, you can always leave him some place for someone else to find.