J.E. Moores with Shadow Cat and designer toy collection

Howdy! Jay Moores here. Being a Gemini, I have two different sides of myself I’d like to share with you all: The real and the virtual.

Here at JEMTOY.com I showcase my handcrafted items that I make here in my art studio. I have taught art since 1984 and over time have become a materials expert. I work in all media from paper to plastic, metal to wood. I love to make resin toys, and I design for laser cut wood, which merges computer based scalable vector graphics with hands on crafting.

The JEMoores.com site has all my published items that can be downloaded online in various formats. Everything from my books on Kindle, like: How To Make Resin Toys, Print Cut Fold Glue Paper Toy Templates, Android and iOS video games, and home recorded original MP3 music.

Education and Experience