Learn Inkscape for Glowforge

This 10-lesson course that you can finish in a single afternoon will teach you how to design scalable vector graphics (SVG files) on Inkscape for use with your Glowforge Laser Cutter. In no time strange new items once only in your imagination will be in your two hands. 

Using A.I. + Inkscape to make Cricut Stickers

Attention Cricut Makers and Glowforge Laser Cutter types, the time has come for you to learn how to design Vector Graphics to get the most out of your machines. Here I will teach you how to use A.I. to generate a high contrast black and white logo or graphic image into a PNG or JPG format, then convert it into a magical SVG using the free program Inkscape for your Cricut or Glowforge projects.

Learn how to make Glowforge Laser Cutter Projects: 12 Toys

Learn how to make fun pranks, games, and toys. Online video course includes SVG files. Only want the vector files? Scroll below for individual SVG files. Let’s get crafting!

Download SVG Files for Lasercutting

  • Using A.I. + Inkscape to Make Cricut Stickers
  • Glowforge Aura Template
  • Gomper SVG
  • Egyptian Horus and Nekhbet
  • BMO Lamp
  • Tiny Doll House Torture Equipment
  • Guillotine Earrings
  • Rockin’ Kaiju Battle
  • Laser Cut 12 Toys
  • Unimog
  • Cricket Cage
  • Tiny Bee Hive
  • Royal Game of Ur
  • Dancing Unicorn
  • Tiny Temple
  • Bird House SVG for Glowforge
  • Rattlesnake Eggs
  • Rubber Band Gun SVG
  • Q-Tip Crossbow
  • Learn Inkscape for Glowforge
  • Haunted Doll House
  • Kong Lamp
  • Twig Racer
  • Tiny Doll House Instructions

“From zero knowledge of Inkscape to creating a simple character within 15 minutes… I’d say this course is effective thus far!”


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