Tiny Doll House Torture Equipment



I like making strange accessories for doll houses. Here we have some very small torture devices. First we have a set of Stocks standing at only 2 inches tall. These torture devices would look nice on your desk or near your workspace. I have one in a potted plant that looks awesome. The “A” Frame Spanking Bench is about 2 x 2 inches with optional side railings, and the dreaded Guillotine rises to about 7 inches tall.

The parts to make all three miniature items can be laser cut from 1/8 inch thick plywood or acrylic. I used plywood without masking tape so the laser would over burn and give these items a distressed weathered old fashioned look. White glue, or wood glue will hold it all together. I used a bread tie to hold the guillotine blade up, but you can use thread, string, or thin wire.

I’m tired. I don’t feel like making a tutorial of how to put these all together. I bet that you could figure it out from the photo above. Hint: when building the stocks and guillotine there are two rectangular pieces with a hole in the middle for the victim’s head. Don’t glue the top half. That part should be able to be removed for inserting the imaginary victim. Another hint: I didn’t glue the two side railings on the spanking bench, they are intended to be removable optional accessories, you know, for variety.

For now I’ll give you the SVG for free until I have the energy to make the build instructions. I design using color to separate each step for Glowforge, but you could make this project using any laser cutter than can read SVG files. If you need a different file type, open the SVG using Inkscape, and Save As any file type you require. Follow the steps below to laser cut these designs.

Download all 3 FREE SVG Files for Glowforge Laser Cutter below:

To download a SVG you must right click and choose > SAVE LINK AS…


Stocks Laser Settings: RED = 1st Cut / BLUE = 2nd Cut / BLACK = Last Cut.


Spanking Bench Laser Settings: BLUE = Score HQ / RED = 1st Cut / BLACK = Last Cut.


Guillotine Laser Settings: BLUE = Score HQ / RED = 1st Cut / BLACK = Last Cut.

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