Homopolar Motor Kit


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Laser Cut your own Homopolar Motor Kit : SVG ~ Video Instructions ~ Photo Instructions

Dangerous Toys For Kids
CAUTION: Battery Gets HOT! Parental Supervision suggested for the wee ones!

I love it when science seems like magic. The homopolar motor kit will blow your mind as you try to figure out what kind of physics is taking place. You could even learn stuff, like science or something. You might even go as far as Googling “homopolar motor” and reading up, but it won’t help. No matter how much those smart folk try to explain the phenomenon, it will always seem like magic to me.

To make the curiosity even more fun, it’s slightly dangerous, because the battery will get hotter the longer you let the homopolar motor spin. You tend to get distracted by the amazing spinning action and forget the battery gets hot, and the next thing you know you’re adjusting it, or taking it apart with your fingers and BAM! – Well now, you think to yourself… that battery is hot.

So there you go, it’s fun, magical, educational, and slightly dangerous. Everything any kid would want in a toy.