Ripped Off Again!

Ripped Off Again

Philly Lou Bird is upset that he’s part of my book, Snotgrass. Don’t worry, I intend to donate half the profits to protect the endangered mythical creatures here in Maine. Be sure and do your part, download the Kindle version of Snotgrass today, and have a laugh or two. Here’s a preview from the book, a chapter called Side Hill Gouger.

Snotgrass a book by J.E.Moores


Snotgrass, Swamp Bogger, Philly Lou Bird

Late at night in Maine the Loons would make their mornful sound and my grandfather would tell me that it wasn’t Loons, but a little girl he once knew, named Snotgrass. He told me that the school children were mean to poor little Snotgrass because her name was so strange. Everyone made fun of her. They say she ran into the woods crying and got lost. She wanders the Maine woods alone and sad. Her hair is long and full of twigs and mud, it covers her whole body. She is friends with the Swamp Boggers and Philly Lou Birds, and she even knows where to find a Side Hill Gouger when needed.