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  • Using A.I. + Inkscape to Make Cricut Stickers

    Using A.I. + Inkscape to Make Cricut Stickers

    After having a Glowforge laser cutter for a few years, I have fallen in love with Inkscape. Now I have a Cricut Maker 3 and I am using Inkscape to design Cricut stickers. Designing vector graphics feels amazing. Once you take a little time and learn the basics of Inkscape, you suddenly feel like a…

  • Season’s Greetings!

    I’m new to etsy! Please click like and favorite my shop at:

  • Art by AJ Lafave


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    AJ Lafave sent me a resin sculpture and print. Thank you! I’m glad the How To Make Resin Toys book could help inspire such awesomeness. This guy would be fun to mod. I have the urge to give him hair and googly eyes. I’d like to see a show where you post a bunch out…

  • Three Waves


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    Music by Dan Hanrahan Light Up Art UFOs by J.E.Moores

  • The Alien


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    The first wave of mini UFOs invaded our earth unmanned, controlled remotely by an invisible force from outer space. Who could it be? Men from Mars? Women from Venus? The Tralfamadorians? It soon became clear with the arrival of the second wave, little starships piloted by aliens. See their clear cut faces ominously catch the…

  • The Starship Has Landed


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    I have been having a blast designing these little UFO flying saucer lamps. When I was a kid, back in the early 70’s, I was out with my mom shopping, and I saw a display of UFO toys I was curious about. They looked as if they were made for girls. Cute little girly aliens…

  • UFO visits Toy Planet


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    I wanted to show how cool these mini 3″ UFO Flying Saucers are as awesome display items. It’s fun to place the UFO lamp next to sci-fi toys, mini robots, plastic figures, and vinyl kaiju toys. The light show seems to breathe life into the little monsters. Thanks to everyone that has already ordered. I’m…

  • Toys at Gibbs Library

    Gibbs Library in Washington, Maine has some of my Mythical Maine JEMTOYs on display to support the launch of my book, Snotgrass which contains all kinds of strange critters that creep through the muck and mire of Maine. If you’re in the area, take a photo in front of the display case and tag me –…

  • Spring is here!

    Philly Lou Bird, Swamp Bogger, and the Yupapotamus are all characters found in my book, Snotgrass. If you enjoy Maine humor, bouffant hairdos, or stories of strange mythical creatures, check it out on Amazon as a Kindle Download.