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  • Using A.I. + Inkscape to Make Cricut Stickers

    Using A.I. + Inkscape to Make Cricut Stickers

    After having a Glowforge laser cutter for a few years, I have fallen in love with Inkscape. Now I have a Cricut Maker 3 and I am using Inkscape to design Cricut stickers. Designing vector graphics feels amazing. Once you take a little time and learn the basics of Inkscape, you suddenly feel like a…

  • Art by AJ Lafave


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    AJ Lafave sent me a resin sculpture and print. Thank you! I’m glad the How To Make Resin Toys book could help inspire such awesomeness. This guy would be fun to mod. I have the urge to give him hair and googly eyes. I’d like to see a show where you post a bunch out…

  • Pitik of Glory Championships


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    Welcome to the Pitik of Glory World Championships. It gets weird. Click here to Print! Cut! Fold! Glue! your very own: Pitik of Glory game.

  • Pitik of Glory


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    I’ve been in the mood to create some new games and here is the first completed paper game, The Pitik of Glory. Players take turns trying to finger flick a penny, bottle cap, or glass blob into the hole in the goal post. Who ever can get it in from the furthest away wins. Players…

  • Best in the World!

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Swamp Boggers in the book SNOTGRASS by J.E.Moores.  

  • Toys at Gibbs Library

    Gibbs Library in Washington, Maine has some of my Mythical Maine JEMTOYs on display to support the launch of my book, Snotgrass which contains all kinds of strange critters that creep through the muck and mire of Maine. If you’re in the area, take a photo in front of the display case and tag me –…

  • Barry’d Treasure, Super Cooper, and JEMTOY


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    Super Cooper Berella is a good buddy of mine. I have been lucky enough to have been part of several of his art shows in his little home town of Los Angeles, California. We met in an on line forum through our mutual love of making paper toys. As fate would have it, I’m also…

  • Chongo Chat with JEMTOY

    Congolio interviews J.E.Moores from JEMTOY. We talk about paper toys, resin toys, and art. Links mentioned in this video are: How To Make Resin Toys – – – – Seven Super Girls – check ’em out!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day


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    Here is a solar powered mechanical Valentine’s Day card I made for my girls. That little horny devil chases the Princess around the castle all day long.

  • Interview with JEM

    Interview with JEM

    Robert from interviews me, J.E.Moores.

  • Gomper World Tees

    Gomper World Tees

    Gomper Tee Shirts, Art Banners, Cards, Mugs, Stickers, Magnets, Caps, Messenger Bags, Paper Toys