How To Make Resin Toys

How To Make Re… By J.E.Moores Book Preview How To Make Resin Toys by J.E.Moores. This book is intended to provide an artist with the basics so you can get in there and successfully cast your very own resin toys fast and easy. Glove Molds, Putty Molds, and Block Molds are all discussed, as well… Read More

Flickr JEMTOY Store

Stompin' Gomper

Often I post stuff to my Flickr page that is up for sale. A lot of these items are not listed any where else. If you would like to check out the art I have available click: Flickr JEMTOY Store.

Bundles of Joy are back!

JEMTOY Bundles of Joy

Handmade Resin Toys grouped together into small Bundles of Joy for collectors age 15 and up. Each group is unique and one of a kind. Grab your favorite before it’s gone! Visit the toy store here:

Slithgarn And The Gompers 3D

Slithgarn And The Gompers 3D

You will need red/cyan 3D glasses to view the comic. More 3D Anaglyph Photos by J.E.Moores Order Framed 3D Art Prints Here

Swamp Bogger Game

Swamp Bogger Game by J.E.Moores

Swamp Bogger Game by J.E.Moores. Hand cast resin Swamp Bogger tokens, and Board Game for Super Cooper Berella’s “Memories Are Made Of This” art show at Munky King in Los Angeles.

Memories Are Made Of This

Memories Are Made Of This

JEMTOY will be part of Munky King’s last art show at the Melrose gallery in Los Angeles. Curated by Super Cooper Berella for his 13th birthday. If you are in the L.A. area, the show is Saturday, August 18th, 4-8pm at 7308 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Gomper Tee in Time Brats video

I’m psyched to see a JEMTOY Gomper shirt on the bad guy, Cat Shadow in the latest video from the Time Brats. Click to visit Time Brats Secret Supply Shop

Bototoy Show: Manila

Gomper Tree x Bototoy

  During my vacation in the Philippines I was very pleased to be invited to be part of Arnold Austria’s BOTOTOY show at Secret Fresh gallery, Ronac Art Center in Manila. This is my custom Gomper Tree Bototoy. Hark! Can you hear the Sreaming Trees?

Buko Gomper

Buko Gomper

I’ve been in the Philippines for over a month now, and we decided to harvest the coconut tree out front so that it wouldn’t fall and kill everyone.