Kaijina the Bug Girl

Kaijina the Bug Girl encased in wood or plastic. Hand cast resin toy in laser cut clear acrylic shipment container, or wood crate. Kaijina the Bug Girl is a mail order bride for your Kaiju monster collection. I mean, even Frankenstein’s creature had a bride! If you love your monsters, you won’t let them go… Read More

Thank You Mista Louis

Thanks Mista Louis

Thank you Mista Louis for including JEMTOY in your latest book, We Are Indie Toys!

Kaijina the Bug Girl

Several colorways of Kaijina the Bug Girl are available at: jemtoy.bigcartel.com


Yupapotamus Ranch Playset

Because I am traveling again this summer FOE Store & Gallery will be handling my handmade resin toys. I shipped a giant box of over a years worth of art work to Jim at FOE. I sent a ton of stuff, like the very popular 5 inch Kaijina the Bug Girl toys in various colorways.… Read More

How To Make Resin Toys

How To Make Re… By J.E.Moores Book Preview How To Make Resin Toys by J.E.Moores. This book is intended to provide an artist with the basics so you can get in there and successfully cast your very own resin toys fast and easy. Glove Molds, Putty Molds, and Block Molds are all discussed, as well… Read More

Flickr JEMTOY Store

Stompin' Gomper

Often I post stuff to my Flickr page that is up for sale. A lot of these items are not listed any where else. If you would like to check out the art I have available click: Flickr JEMTOY Store.

Bundles of Joy are back!

JEMTOY Bundles of Joy

Handmade Resin Toys grouped together into small Bundles of Joy for collectors age 15 and up. Each group is unique and one of a kind. Grab your favorite before it’s gone! Visit the toy store here: jemtoy.bigcartel.com

JEMTOY Calendar

JEMTOY Calendar

The JEMTOY Calendar will keep you in touch with reality. Never wonder what day it is again. Fun photos of toys to make you forget there’s a world, and then a grid with numbers to help you remember what day it is. Amazing. What will they think of next? Click here for a preview of… Read More

Kaijina 5 inch

Kaijina 5 inch

Kaijina the Bug Girl available now. All 5 SOLD OUT! Solid hand cast resin figures with one point of articulation (head can be positioned). Each Kaijina is unique, first come first served. If I get double orders I will offer similar or process refund. Here are the first 5.

Kaijina in a Bottle

Kaijina in a Bottle

New for all you Kaiju In A Bottle lovers, it’s Kaijina the Bug Girl in sweet and sexy fluorescent colors! Packaged in a recycled vitamin bottle with a bunch of silly stuff printed right on the label. Kaijina is ready to do her best to save the planet, but how much can a three inch… Read More