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  • Rockin’ Kaiju Battle

    Rockin’ Kaiju Battle


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    Go completely kinetic kaiju crazy. Tip the monsters, release, and they rock back and forth. NOW WITH KONG BONUS!

  • Kaijina the Bug Girl



    Kaijina the Bug Girl encased in wood or plastic. Hand cast resin toy in laser cut clear acrylic shipment container, or wood crate. Kaijina the Bug Girl is a mail order bride for your Kaiju monster collection. I mean, even Frankenstein’s creature had a bride! If you love your monsters, you won’t let them go…

  • Tiny Kaiju Battle Play Set


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    Monsters have never been so small! The JEMTOY Tiny Kaiju Battle Play Set fits in your hand. Very small parts intended for collectors age 15 and older. Four different sets to choose from – amazing gift, available now in my etsy shop. Platforms are small, about 2″ x 2″ and they fit together like a…

  • Insane Kaiju Battle

    Insane Kaiju Battle

      It’s Designer Vinyl VS Classic TOHO.