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Make America Great Again

There are some on my facebook who seem annoyed at times with our president. Being a toy maker, I thought of a simple solution for them. Turn the crank, it hammers his head. Make your own laser cut Make America … Continue reading

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Space Invaders Necklace

My wife is a big fan of Space Invaders. Our love for science fiction, fantasy movies, and video games has made my geeky life a very happy place. Here is a nerd’s dream come true. A large 2″ wide Mother … Continue reading

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Twig Racer

Free SVG cut files and How To Build A Twig Racer instructions by J.E.Moores.

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Homopolar Motor: Video Instructions

HOMOPOLAR MOTOR KIT I have always been fascinated by how simple homopolar motors are. Kids are blown away by the immediate fun. But not just kids, everyone wants to check it out. Made only of a battery, a magnet, and … Continue reading

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Homopolar Motor Instructions

Order the Homopolar Motor Kit by JEMTOY Video Instructions: Build the Homopolar Motor Kit

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Art by AJ Lafave

AJ Lafave sent me a resin sculpture and print. Thank you! I’m glad the How To Make Resin Toys book could help inspire such awesomeness. This guy would be fun to mod. I have the urge to give him hair … Continue reading

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The Alien

The first wave of mini UFOs invaded our earth unmanned, controlled remotely by an invisible force from outer space. Who could it be? Men from Mars? Women from Venus? The Tralfamadorians? It soon became clear with the arrival of the … Continue reading

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Pitik of Glory

I’ve been in the mood to create some new games and here is the first completed paper game, The Pitik of Glory. Players take turns trying to finger flick a penny, bottle cap, or glass blob into the hole in … Continue reading

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Kindle Countdown Promo

It’s spring! The weather is getting warmer, so it’s time to make toys!!! April 18 download the Kindle version of How To Make Resin Toys for only .99 cents! Each day the price slowly returns to full retail price. Act … Continue reading

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How To Make Resin Toys

How To Make Resin Toys: Amazon Kindle – Order Printed Book  I have been an art teacher since 1984, so it comes naturally to me to share what I know with others. Whenever I am in the art studio making stuff, I enjoy … Continue reading

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