Little Lost JEM TOYs

If you have found a Little Lost JEM TOY click here.

I wanted to come up with a form of Public Art that wasn’t a crime or vandalism to anyone’s property. I wanted a device that would create its own story through interaction between complete strangers. I came up with the idea of Little Lost JEM TOYs. I created a bunch of plastic robot toys, and I leave them in interesting places for others to find. Printed on the back is this website address. People can contact me above after finding the Lost Toy. All I want is photos of the robot as he travels the planet. It’s fun to see how he gets on in his new home,  photos of his travels, his new friends. A lot can happen to a little lost toy all alone in the world. Each person adds to his story as a step in his journey. When you have reached the end together, and it is time to part ways, you can always leave him some place for someone else to find.