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  • Royal Game of Ur

    Royal Game of Ur



    The toy maker, oracle seer, and anthropologist in me all wanted to squeal with delight.

  • Wiggly Loaf House

    Watch how I made the Wiggly Loaf House: from designing it on Inkscape to cutting it on Glowforge and gluing all the pieces together. You can win this house if you are hardcore enough to play the Wiggly Loaf game until you unlock at least one of the bonus characters. It’s a free download for iOS…

  • Dice Variations

    I love dice! Until someone throws them right off the tabletop and the dice get lost. This made me wonder if I could come up with variations to the way we traditionally depict dice. For that, I turned to Inkscape, the Glowforge Laser Cutter, and my imagination. Interested in a Glowforge of your own? Save…

  • Season’s Greetings!

    I’m new to etsy! Please click like and favorite my shop at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JEMTOY

  • Pitik of Glory Championships


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    Welcome to the Pitik of Glory World Championships. It gets weird. Click here to Print! Cut! Fold! Glue! your very own: Pitik of Glory game.

  • Pitik of Glory


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    I’ve been in the mood to create some new games and here is the first completed paper game, The Pitik of Glory. Players take turns trying to finger flick a penny, bottle cap, or glass blob into the hole in the goal post. Who ever can get it in from the furthest away wins. Players…

  • Swamp Bogger Game


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    Swamp Bogger Game by J.E.Moores. Hand cast resin Swamp Bogger tokens, and Board Game for Super Cooper Berella’s “Memories Are Made Of This” art show at Munky King in Los Angeles.