Q-Tip Crossbow

My Udemy course, Learn Inkscape For Glowforge has been a great success, so I wanted to offer my students fun projects they can download and cut on their Glowforge laser cutter.

My first offering is the Q-Tip Crossbow. Would you like to make a toy crossbow that shoots cotton swabs? Of course you do! All you need is access to a Glowforge laser cutter, 1/8″ thick Proof Grade Medium Plywood, sand paper, glue, 3 rubber bands, and lots of cotton swabs to blast around the room as ammo.

My course includes the crossbow.svg file designed in color to properly separate layers for cutting on a Glowforge. You’ll get detailed video instructions, a troubleshooting guide, and supplemental photos to help you along. It’s a slam dunk.

This project is intended for folk age 15+ because it’s a working mini crossbow made with lots of small parts. Anything this fun requires parental supervision. Kids love this project because it feels slightly dangerous. They love to build it, take it apart, replace the rubber bands. Be a hero – share this project with a kid… but remind them to not shoot it at people or pets.

If you are new to laser cutting, I suggest that you check out my first course, Learn Inkscape For Glowforge. Once you get through that and understand the process and lingo, move on to the JEMTOY laser projects I offer. You will learn tons, and have fun while doing it.

Glowforge Laser Cutter Project: Q-Tip Crossbow

Kaijina the Bug Girl

Kaijina the Bug Girl

Kaijina the Bug Girl encased in wood or plastic. Hand cast resin toy in laser cut clear acrylic shipment container, or wood crate. Kaijina the Bug Girl is a mail order bride for your Kaiju monster collection. I mean, even Frankenstein’s creature had a bride! If you love your monsters, you won’t let them go lonely. You’ll get them their very own Kaijina the Bug Girl, and everyone will be happy.

Check out more photos of Kaijina the Bug Girl in my Etsy Shop!

Learn Inkscape for Glowforge

Learn how to design for Glowforge laser cutter with me, Jay from JEMTOY. I have made another arts and crafts video tutorial for you all. This is a 10 lesson course that will teach you Inkscape for Glowforge in a single afternoon. After this course you will be able to start your own Etsy shop or other home business.

If you have access to a Glowforge laser cutter I can teach you the essentials to get you started using it. The possibilities are endless, and knowing how to run a laser cutter is a valuable skill set to have.

If you are looking to get a Glowforge, I got a referral link when I purchased mine. If you use this link you get up to $500 off, and I get free wood from the Glowforge supply shop. It’s a great deal for us both.

My course starts out with a Glowforge Template that I provide as a download. I will teach you the 3 most important Inkscape tools, how to set the colors in your design to separate the Engrave, Score, and Cut functions within the Glowforge app. How to create objects with multiple pieces. We will learn how to cut out words, names, and numbers. We will prepare photos and images for laser engraving, and use fills to create images to be scored or engraved.

By the end of this course your head will be spinning with the possibilities. In just 90 minutes time your life will have been changed for the better. I believe there are two possible futures. There is the you who took this course and prospered, and the you that did not. Which one do you want to be?

Check out my Udemy course titled: Inkscape for Glowforge and get ready to have some laser cuttin’ good times!

Wiggly Loaf House

Watch how I made the Wiggly Loaf House: from designing it on Inkscape to cutting it on Glowforge and gluing all the pieces together. You can win this house if you are hardcore enough to play the Wiggly Loaf game until you unlock at least one of the bonus characters.┬áIt’s a free download for iOS or Android phones. Check out WigglyLoaf.com and click on Contest. Good luck and enjoy the game!

Dice Variations

I love dice! Until someone throws them right off the tabletop and the dice get lost. This made me wonder if I could come up with variations to the way we traditionally depict dice. For that, I turned to Inkscape, the Glowforge Laser Cutter, and my imagination.

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Trojan Horse Kit

Trojan Horse Battle Station Kit

The Trojan Horse Kit is available in my Etsy Shop

Trojan Horse Battle Station Kit Parts List: 3 Greek Soldiers, 3 Soldier Stands, 1 Top Shelf, 2 Buttresses, 4 Wheels, 4 Axle Spacers, 2 Axle Rods, 1 Bottom Shelf, and 1 Trojan Horse.

Trojan Horse Battle Station Kit Parts List

How to build the Trojan Horse Battle Station Kit

Step 1: Peel away all the protective tape that covers the wood. Be sure to peel away all the tape from both sides of each piece before you begin assembling the kit.

Laser cut Trojan Horse kit

Step 2: Build the cart first. Place the Bottom Shelf so that the JEMTOY logo is flipped over and not seen. Glue the 4 Axle Spacers (little D-shaped things) into the 4 corner spots on the Bottom Shelf. Use a tissue or cotton swab to clean up glue blobs as you go.

How to build Trojan Horse

Step 3: It’s a good idea to let the Axle Spacers dry. While you wait, glue the 3 Greek Soldiers foot peg into their little rectangular base so they can stand up and fight like an Ancient Greek.

Greek Soldiers History Educational Kit

Step 4: A small piece of sandpaper is included so you can easily taper the ends of the Axle Rods for a proper fit into the Wheel. The Wheels don’t need to be glued if they are a tight enough fit. Sand the outer edge of the Axle Rods until they fit tightly into the Wheels.

Sanding axle rods to fit wheels of Trojan Horse replica

Step 5: When the Axle Spacers are dry you can move on to this step, but not until. Push one Wheel onto each Axle Rod. Slide each Axle Rod through 2 Axle Spacers and push on the last two Wheels. If you decide to glue your Wheels to the Axle Rods, be sure the Wheels can freely turn when you are done.

Wheels on Trojan Horse kit

Now the cart is ready to roll!

cart for Trojan Horse

Step 6: Now just a little bit of glue on these 2 spots.

Instructions how to build a Trojan Horse kit.

Step 7: Set the Trojan Horse into the 4 peg holes that run down the center of the Top Shelf of the cart.

ancient history Trojan Horse kit

Step 8: Slip the two Buttresses into place, and glue them to the Bottom Shelf of the cart.

build a Trojan Horse replica kit

Step 9: A few drops of glue on the Buttresses so the Top Shelf will stay in place.

wood Trojan Horse kit

Step 10: You must insert the Top Shelf diagonally and maneuver it down to rest on the Buttresses.

Greek history toy

Adjust the Top Shelf so it is centered and press it down.

Trojan Horse toy model

Let the epic battle begin!

Build it yourself Trojan Horse kit

The Trojan Horse Kit is available in my Etsy Shop