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  • Using A.I. + Inkscape to Make Cricut Stickers

    Using A.I. + Inkscape to Make Cricut Stickers

    After having a Glowforge laser cutter for a few years, I have fallen in love with Inkscape. Now I have a Cricut Maker 3 and I am using Inkscape to design Cricut stickers. Designing vector graphics feels amazing. Once you take a little time and learn the basics of Inkscape, you suddenly feel like a…

  • Glowforge Aura Template

    Glowforge Aura Template


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    I just got my new Glowforge Aura and I wanted to update my Udemy course, Inkscape For Glowforge with a short tutorial on how to set up a template in Inkscape to cut the thinner 3/25″ thick plywood and other Light Proofgrade Glowforge materials. If you have an Aura, you can use this template to…

  • Q-Tip Crossbow

    Q-Tip Crossbow


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    The Q-Tip Crossbow is an advanced laser cut project. I have a detailed YouTube video with step by step build instructions. Check it out, because you want this.

  • Learn Inkscape for Glowforge

    Learn Inkscape for Glowforge



    This is my 1st Udemy course, Learn Inkscape For Glowforge. Learn how to design and modify SVG files for Glowforge Laser Cutter.