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  • Guillotine Earrings

    Guillotine Earrings



    Laser cut your own pair of earrings recreated from the French Revolution that illustrate the beheading of King Louis XVI. You will need jump rings and ear hooks.

  • Rockin’ Kaiju Battle

    Rockin’ Kaiju Battle


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    Go completely kinetic kaiju crazy. Tip the monsters, release, and they rock back and forth. NOW WITH KONG BONUS!

  • Laser Cut 12 Toys

    Laser Cut 12 Toys



    This is my 2nd Udemy course to follow up my 1st course: Learn Inkscape For Glowforge. Laser cut 12 JEMTOYs with video instructions and SVG files.

  • Tiny Temple

    Tiny Temple

    For displaying small brass 1.5 inch statues of Buddha or Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

  • Q-Tip Crossbow

    Q-Tip Crossbow


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    The Q-Tip Crossbow is an advanced laser cut project. I have a detailed YouTube video with step by step build instructions. Check it out, because you want this.

  • Kaijina the Bug Girl



    Kaijina the Bug Girl encased in wood or plastic. Hand cast resin toy in laser cut clear acrylic shipment container, or wood crate. Kaijina the Bug Girl is a mail order bride for your Kaiju monster collection. I mean, even Frankenstein’s creature had a bride! If you love your monsters, you won’t let them go…

  • Learn Inkscape for Glowforge

    Learn Inkscape for Glowforge



    This is my 1st Udemy course, Learn Inkscape For Glowforge. Learn how to design and modify SVG files for Glowforge Laser Cutter.

  • Wiggly Loaf House

    Watch how I made the Wiggly Loaf House: from designing it on Inkscape to cutting it on Glowforge and gluing all the pieces together. You can win this house if you are hardcore enough to play the Wiggly Loaf game until you unlock at least one of the bonus characters. It’s a free download for iOS…

  • Dice Variations

    I love dice! Until someone throws them right off the tabletop and the dice get lost. This made me wonder if I could come up with variations to the way we traditionally depict dice. For that, I turned to Inkscape, the Glowforge Laser Cutter, and my imagination. Interested in a Glowforge of your own? Save…