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  • Toys at Gibbs Library

    Gibbs Library in Washington, Maine has some of my Mythical Maine JEMTOYs on display to support the launch of my book, Snotgrass which contains all kinds of strange critters that creep through the muck and mire of Maine. If you’re in the area, take a photo in front of the display case and tag me –…

  • Thank You Mista Louis


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    Thank you Mista Louis for including JEMTOY in your latest book, We Are Indie Toys!

  • We Are Indie Toys!


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    I am excited to be part of Louis Bou’s latest book, We Are Indie Toys: Make Your Own Resin Characters. Making resin toys is a lot of fun, and this book has a behind the scenes look at several resin toy artists, including JEMTOY! Reviews: http://lezgetreal.com/2014/02/book-review-indie-toys/ http://blog.redbubble.com/2014/02/book-review-we-love-we-are-indie-toys/ http://www.emiliogarcia.org/news/?%2FDIY_LIKE_A_PRO

  • Slithgarn and the Gompers 3D Print

    Got my first copy of Slithgarn and the Gompers 3D Anaglyph Print I made a while back. Here it is on my wall, and it looks great when wearing my red cyan 3D glasses. The leap from computer monitor to printed paper is always more difficult than it should be. I was worried that the…

  • How To Make Resin Toys


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    How To Make Re… By J.E.Moores Book Preview How To Make Resin Toys by J.E.Moores. This book is intended to provide an artist with the basics so you can get in there and successfully cast your very own resin toys fast and easy. Glove Molds, Putty Molds, and Block Molds are all discussed, as well…

  • Flickr JEMTOY Store


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    Often I post stuff to my Flickr page that is up for sale. A lot of these items are not listed any where else. If you would like to check out the art I have available click: Flickr JEMTOY Store.

  • Slithgarn And The Gompers 3D

    You will need red/cyan 3D glasses to view the comic. More 3D Anaglyph Photos by J.E.Moores Order Framed 3D Art Prints Here

  • JEMTOY Calendar

    JEMTOY Calendar


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    The JEMTOY Calendar will keep you in touch with reality. Never wonder what day it is again. Fun photos of toys to make you forget there’s a world, and then a grid with numbers to help you remember what day it is. Amazing. What will they think of next? Click here for a preview of…

  • JEMTOY at FOE Gallery

    JEMTOY at FOE Gallery


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    I am very happy to say JEMTOY is at FOE Store & Gallery in Northampton Massachusettes. On the toy shelf you can find a Wishbone Gomper, a Tentacle Gomper, Slithgarn, and several G.E.A.C. Anti-Consumer Products. If you are in the Northampton area, please visit FOE and ask to see the JEMTOYs!

  • Interview with JEM

    Interview with JEM

    Robert from OppLOL.com interviews me, J.E.Moores.

  • Slithgarn and the Gompers

    Slithgarn and the Gompers


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    Slithgarn seek out human hosts and swallows them. Once a person is inside a Slithgarn they gain incredible psychic powers. These people become hosts in a strange symbiotic relationship with a Slithgarn. The host is transformed into an Oracle Prophet and their wisdom and favor is sought by Kings, Presidents and those seeking Power. Easily…



    The kind folk over at OpportunityLOL are giving away a one of a kind RAINBOW SLITHGARN that I made, just for them to give away to you. If you want this handmade resin toy, simply visit their site, follow the contest directions, and win yourself my latest toy creation. The only way it could get…

  • The Haunted Laundry Shelf

    The Haunted Laundry Shelf

    The strange and creepy toys that have accumulated on the shelf over our washing machine.

  • Slithgarn leads the Gompers



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    The Oracle Prophit gains his psychic powers from the symbiotic relationship with a Slithgarn. One of the last spray painted Slithgarns (the toy on the right in the photo) is available at FOE Gallery.